Oryctes (Oryctes) nasicornis kuntzeni Mink, 1914

Oryctes nasicornis is widely distributed in the Palaearctic region from Portugal to Sinkiang giving origin to 19 described subspecies of which many of them are probably merely populations forms.

The subspecies kuntzeni Mink, 1914 is charecterized by: elytra finely and irregularly punctate/smooth, slend body, apex of clypeus emarginate, cheeks nearly straight, middle tooth of pronotal knob usually placed somewhat lower than lateral ones. The figure below shows O.nasicornis kuntzeni and the distribution of the different subspecies described for Europe.

The subspecies kuntzeni is present in Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Sinai.

O.nasicornis kuntzeni
from Rittner
Oryctes nasicornis, from Endroedi
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O.nasicornis ssp. in Europe
from Medvedev
Oryctes nasicornis kuntzeni
from Rittner
O.nasicornis larva
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Clypeus shape in the European Oryctes subspecies, from Baraud

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