Pentodon bidens sulcifrons Kuster, 1848

Among the genus Pentodon species, P.bidens Pallas, 1771 can be recognized having: apex of clypeus not rounded but with 2 teeth, frons with two tubercles, elytra shining or if rarely oily, pygidium simply convex.

Three subspecies are known: P.bidens bidens, P.bidens punctatus Villers, 1789 and P.bidens sulcifrons.

The subspecies P.bidens sulcifrons has the sides of clypeus mostly rather strongly concave, apical teeth big and the punctuation of elytra distinctly finer (from Endroedi). It is distributed in Turkey, Caucasus, Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Egypt.

P.bidens ssp.sulcifrons
photo P.Tauzin
from Medvedev
from Baraud
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subspecies of P.bidens
from Endroedi

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