Pentodon quadridens distantidens Reitter, 1899

Among the genus Pentodon species, P.quadridens Gebler, 1844 (Scarabaeus) can be recognized having: apex of clypeus broadly truncated with both angles toothed, pygidium simply convex (from Endroedi).

Four subspecies are known: P.quadridens quadridens, P.quadridens bidentulus Fairmaire, 1887, P.quadridens mongolicus Motschulsky, 1849 and P.quadridens distantides.

The subspecies P.quadridens distantidens has specimens of bigger size with frontal tubercles confluent and paramera with strong ventral teeth. It is distributed in Turkey, Armenia, Iran, Cyprus, Syria and Lebanon.

P.quadridens distantidens
photo Tauzin
P.quadridens distantidens
from Medvedev
from Endroedi
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map of P.quadridens subspecies, from Endroedi

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