Pseudolucanus macrophyllus Kraaz, 1860

Pseudolucanus macrophyllus Kraaz, 1860 - Uber die Europäische Hirschkäfer. Berliner Entomologische Zeitschrift, 4: 265-275
Pseudolucanus busigny Planet, 1909 - Synonymus

Length 25-38mm with black top shining, and with a sexual dimorphism marked in the male by more developed mandibles, regularly arched in form of grip and with only one interns tooth in median position. Edge of the pronotum are little winding close to the posterior angles and the antennas have one lengthened scape and a club with six very long segments. The large eyes are strongly projecting on convexity of the head and the head strongly narrowed after the eyes. The species which seems quite rare is known from Turkey (Amasia) and Lebanon (area near the city of Bcharré in July according to A.Kairouz). It was reported also in the wooded sectors of the North of Syria (East of Latakia).

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Pseudolucanus macrophyllus Kraatz
Lebanon, Bcharré, photo A.Kairouz
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Pseudolucanus macrophyllus
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