Maladera (Macroserica) syriaca ssp. syriaca Petrovitz, 1969

This species, in its typical form, is recorded from Syria and Israel.

M.syriaca syriaca from Baraud
M.syriaca syriaca from Petrovitz

Maladera (Macroserica) syriaca ssp. jeraschiensis Baraud, 1990

This subspecies of M.syriaca was described from Northern ares of Jordan and is frequently found in the pit traps bited with vinegar for Carabidae in the oak forest North-East of Jerash (900m, Dibbin, Anjara, Zubya, Irbid, Um Qais). Its subspecific value need to be confirmed as the paramera are only slightly different form the typical form.

M.syriaca jeraschiensis from Baraud

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